Offering Hope and New Beginnings for Young Adults who want to be Free from Addictions by Providing Mentoring, Discipling and Transition Assistance

General Information

MtSM seeks to provide a safe, drug and alcohol free living environment along with mentoring, discipling and transitional assistance for those coming out of incarceration or rehab in order that they might have continued freedom from addiction.

MtSM Transformation Home Information

Program Outline

Getting out there and finding what seems to be most effective has helped us develop a program we hope will equip participants to experience freedom. The program outline contains the handrails in which participants are required to adhere to in order to live in the home.

MtSM Transformation Home The Program

Values and Structure

We want to empower our residents to discover who God purposed them to be by being connected to a healthy community, dreaming big, and equipping them to live life with God. In our home we choose to live a life of honor and respect. We choose to be forgiving.
We will show others kindness, grace and mercy.
We will live a life of gratitude and generosity, creating an atmosphere of family.

By agreeing to live in one of our homes, you are also agreeing to live by these same values.

MtsM Transformation House Values and Structure

Outline of Phases

A road to success has clear directions and checkpoints to make sure one is staying on course and reaching their goals. Each phase is defined. Once a phase is completed the participant will move on to the next one. Time lines are general and each participant will complete each phase at a different rate. The key is to keep in communication with leaders and mentors who can help you along the way, know where you are and where you headed. 

MtSM Transformation Housing Outline of Phases

Mighty to Save Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Washington , P.O. Box 1738, Oak Harbor, WA 98277

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